Bellwood Bears

Deep in the forest discover the Bellwood Bears

Bellwood Bears are inspired by the ever changing hues of the lush and distinctive landscape of Royal Deeside, Scotland. 

Deep in the Bellwood forest you will discover a secret community of bears, where you find an orphanage, a nursery, a boutique, the Sticky Hands Jam Factory, Sugar and Spice sweet shop, the Bellwood Bakery, a secret garden and orchard and even a cottage hospital.  Some have jobs, other have been left behind and many have traveled the world over, but they all agree that there is no other place as beautiful as Bellwood Forest, Deeside.

A unique and welcome addition to any discerning bear collection, each bear is an original piece, hand-made using various densities and colours of beautiful German Schulte Mohair and Italian Merino wool.

Every Bear creation takes on a quality of character that makes them endearing to those who love bears. 

What will your bear's story be?

Every Bellwood Bear is looking for someone to love them.  In return your bear will stir up old childhood memories or help you build new ones. Please feel free to look through my work and I hope that you will find a little fellow to tug at your heart strings. 



If you have any questions, please contact me.