Bellwood Bears



This little guy will melt your heart! Promise! He is a wee scamp, who gets up to all sorts of mischief!! With his tussled hair and little face you could not stay mad at him for long!


Miss Amelia is a beautiful Bear. She is one of the few ladies who live in Bellwood Forest. A bit shy, she likes to hide high up in the branches of the Silver Birch Trees, where her silvery fawn fur blends so well with the Deeside misty mornings. Amelia loves drinking tea and occasionally comes down for a 'fly cup' with passers by. A 15" bear made from sumptuous, silky fawn Mohair, she is fully jointed and wears a tea stained bow and ruffle with a rusty bell.

A Truly Splendid Bear! 


Baby Elmwood is an Aneme style little bear.  His big eyes will just melt your heart.  This orphaned bear is longing for someone to love him. He is made from Iced Green backed on Brown Hembold Mohair. He is fully jointed and has a waxed nose 



A tall slender 12" bear made from silky dense Mushroom Schultze Mohair. He has a big waxed nose and unusual black fur feet.  He has been antiqued using scissor sculpting and aging techniques. Loves being out in the garden on a summers day. 


Fenwick is a stunning 15" Bear. He is crafted from 22mm dense warm blond mohair. He has black glass eyes and toasted almond and black felted paw pad detail. He has hand-applied face shaping around his hand waxed thread nose and mouth. This is a fully jointed bear and is filled to sit elegantly upright. Fenwick is truly stunning! 



Wee Stuart stands 6" tall. His favourite time of year is Autumn as he loves playing conkers with his friends.  Stuart is made from oatmeal sparse Schulte Mohair on a chestnut backing. He has a lovely ribbon with two rusty bells. His little nose is hand embroidered in a lovely chestnut perle cotton thread. 


An Antiqued Old Boy who's a little worse for wear. This Silver Haired Gentlemen was discovered deep in the Attic. He has genuine English Boot Button Eyes and a hand embroidered waxed nose. His sad old eyes will pull at your heart strings


William is a 10" chocolate mohair bear who is fully jointed and has a hand waxed nose. He is a wee scruff who likes climbing trees and loves the outdoors


A tiny little 6" cutie created to sit in the palm of your hand.  He is fully jointed, has authentic boot button eyes and a needle embroidered little nose. He wears a wee bell round his neck in case he gets lost!



A lovely 10" girl ready for afternoon tea. She is hand-made from Summer Gold German Schulte Mohair. She is fully jointed and her adorable sculpted paws are made from felt and Italian Merino wool. She wears a string of bronze swarzski crystal pears.  


A 15" gorgeous old bear looking for a loving home. Hand made from soft wavy dusky pink German Schulte Mohair. His muzzle has been scissor sculpted to give an authentic threadbare look.  He has faux suede and airbrushed paw pads 


This old gentleman is very cuddly. He is hand-made from Traditional Gold long finish German Schulte Mohair. He has felt and Merino wool sculpted paws. This is a very heavy bear as he is filed with wood wool and steel shot. 

Absolutely Gorgeous!